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Welcome to Dr. Willem R. Bouma's website, Optometrist in St. George, Ontario.

Our practice is situated in scenic downtown St. George directly across from the St. George Arms in a beautiful 100 year old home. Parking is available directly in front of the practice or in two municipal lots within 100 feet in either direction of the location. Dr. Willem Bouma, Optometrist is focused on community and provides complete eye health examinations, as well as prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses. A complete fashion optical boutique is located on site to help people choose just the right spectacle frame for them. With a view of the future, all records are paperless and the computer system is backed up daily. This dramatically increases efficiency. "I wanted to build something here that the entire community could be proud of. St. George is a vibrant, growing area and the population should have access to the highest quality vision care," quotes Dr. Bouma.

Dr. Willem R. Bouma

Phone: (519) 448-4445
Fax: (519) 448-4450
23 Main St. South, P.O Box 983
St. George ON, N0E 1N0

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Tuesday - 10:30-7:00
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Friday - 9:00-5:00

"Vision is a precious commodity. Therefore we have dedicated our lives to protect, preserve, and enhance it."

Seeing 20/20 isn't the only reason to see your Eye Doctor. We recommend complete eye exams on a regular basis for your eye health.

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